The leading apps for the eCommerce store and their consumer

Are you upset with your eCommerce store? Is it not getting the right channel to upsurge its profit? Well, this blog post will show you the proper way to help your eCommerce store earn its right share of profit. The post will announce some of the best plugins (apps) to help you sell more.  On the contrary the consumer can also use shopping apps to help them explore your products. Therefore, grabs them as soon as possible and make a new start.

The apps for your eCommerce store:


This is one such app that will help you to edit all variants and products in bulk at a time. You can download updater free of cost.

Transparent Kitty:

Are you dealing with multiple vendors who are selling products from your store? Is it becoming difficult to keep a track of it? Transparent kitty can help you to provide an account to each of the vendor to show them how their products are getting sold through your store.


If you want to create custom report of your store, take the help of Xporter. It will instantly, open the spreadsheet of your store’s data and will store them on the server or can even email you across at your preferred time.


This app allows you to set the minimum and the maximum order size based on the number of products and the value of the cart.

Store locator:

This app is free for your first shop.  However, if you have extended more shops, you need to pay for store locator. This app helps you to put the retail location and other places from where consumers can purchase your products on a map.
imageProduct option:

This apphelps you to offer your customers millions of options on your product. You can also include image for printed products.


If you are looking for a powerful digital app for your digital products, take downtown into consideration. Downtown handles every possible thing right from epub stamping, serial number provisioning to PDF.


One of the easiest ways to catch fraudulent orders is to use Subuno app.  Through this app you can speed up the business process especially when any order requires manual evaluation.

As mobile commerce is growing as a rapid rate, the majority of the existing as well as the potential customerswants to make their purchase by using their phone. They wish that if they can get a shopping app it would make their shopping experience even better.

Catalog is a new Apple iPad shopping app which enhances the customer’s online shopping experience. With Catalog, the customers are provided with a list of shops, the search engines and the products. This app is designed to take the benefits of the mobile commerce which automatically includes all the products with its images, description as well as the option to share your products through social networking.

Make your eCommerce store powerful by downloading the latest apps and by knowing your customer well.

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