The best apps to keep your spending organised

Need to keep track of your finances? There’s an app for that!

Technology has changed our lives immensely over the past few years and now there are so many ways to keep an eye on your spending that it can be hard to know where to start. Do you need a simple budget tool, or have you got so many different accounts and Direct Debits that it’s impossible to know what is coming in and what is going out? Do you want to use a budgeting app to teach the kids to track their finances? Are you simply trying to figure out how to save a few pounds each month?

The ERC Accountants guide to the best apps to keep your spending organised should help you find a way to better budgeting.



With a host of great features and a budget tracking tool that can set you up for yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily budgeting, this has to be one of the best finance apps out there. It’s quick and easy to use and budgets can be set up with categories and sub-categories as needed. The app will also rollover remaining budget to the next period.



Expenditure allows budget and finance tracking with methods for adding new transactions. These can be supplemented with a note or photo so you can see where you spent your money when you look back on the data. There is also a built-in currency converter which is incredibly handy when travelling.



Packed with features, MoneyBook has additional options for finances to be exported or protected with a password. Brilliantly, it also has a free cloud backup service in case you lose your iPhone.



Toshl is an expense tracking app that has a free, built-in online syncing tool. Everything is saved to the cloud automatically and data can also be exported to Excel, PDF and Google Docs.



For the kids this is a great way to teach them about finances and budgeting. They accumulate money via an allowance and chores and when they want to spend it parents hand over the cash and debit their account.



Mint provides a full picture of your finances and can also be used to create budgets. The cash vs credit features shows total credit card balances against cash to pay them off.


PayPal Mobile

For anyone with a PayPal account this is a must-have. Send and receive money via the app by entering email address or phone number and transfer your funds to your bank account quickly and easily. PayPal is the payment method of choice for most eBay sellers and many ecommerce sites so it is vital to be able to see what you have spent quickly and easily.


Bank apps

Many UK banks have mobile apps these days, allowing you to check your account balance, move money between accounts and send payments on the move. They are designed to be secure so you do not have to worry about fraud.


This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of, a chartered accountants based in Merseyside.


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