The benefits of building your own website for your sports team

Few leisure activities have benefited more from the advent of the web than team sports. With match fixtures, results, training information and news about those big end-of-season events all of interest to players, friends and fans alike, there’s a lot to keep people updated on, and it’s fair to say that a website is by far the easiest way to do it.

Capitalizing on the demand from sports teams for an easy, cost effective way to create a web presence, a number of companies have been getting in on the game over the last several years.

From cricket clubs to hockey squads to your Sunday league soccer team, there’s a wealth of platforms available online to help you post fixtures, update results of the latest game and more. Though whilst these certainly get the job done, albeit in a fairly basic, nuts-and-bolts fashion, they’re no match for the benefits of building your own unique website.

Freedom to choose your design

The biggest drawback to many sports-centric website building platforms is that the end results often look pretty much the same. Even with sites such as Play Cricket expanding to offer more customizable options, most cricket clubs on the site end up with the same generic template, usually one that’s pretty bland and lifeless.

Creating your own independent site using any of the top website builders online, you have access to hundreds of professionally designed templates, and the freedom to choose one which best matches the spirit of your team.

Better quality for less

Even when sites which cater specifically to helping sports teams create a web presence do get it right, as football-focussed platform MyClubPro seem to do, the price you pay for good quality is often more than most amateur teams can afford.

With MyClubPro for example, you’re looking at at least £20 per month, money which you may well need for more important priorities like a new kit or the team minibus.

Go with a website building platform like Weebly for example, and even their free starter plan should provide everything you need to create a great looking team website, whilst services such as Wix offer monthly premium plans for about the price of a post-match pint.

More features to promote your club

OK, so a general website builder may not have features specifically designed to record player data or league results, though the tools they do provide make posting this kind of information on your site just as easy (if not more so) than those offered by sports-based platforms, and that’s just for starters.

By expanding beyond the realms of your sport when creating a website, you essentially open the doors to all new possibilities, making your site much more than a hub of information.

Looking to raise some extra money for your new club house? Ecommerce features from a site building platform make it simple to solicit donations or even sell team merchandise. Got lots of great shots from the big cup final? Use your site builder to create a dynamic photo gallery that you can then promote on your blog.

Easy to use

By now, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of ‘Well, this all sounds great, but isn’t building my own website pretty complicated?’

Not with a website builder it isn’t. Most come with clean, uncluttered user interfaces that make the whole process of designing your site an absolute breeze. Simply drag items from your menu, drop them into place, customise at the click a mouse, and you’re well on your way to scoring big with a unique, attractive website that deserves to be top of the league.

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