Spotting an Outstanding DBA

how to spot an Outstanding DBAYou can hire easy administrators in a click. But in getting an outstanding one who will be quite a hard job for an employer. There are many things to consider. Aside from the fact that database server administrators should be proficient enough in the SQL server field, he or she should also be a persona with good work qualities and good character.

But one can’t say you got the perfect man out there for the job. Be it an outsourced job or an in contact job. You could be spammed though by some, so you should be extra careful.

Trusting your database to somebody else may be hard but it’s the only thing that it can function. But then I found this quite mind boggling so I tried to find out some personal traits that can be sought for a database administrator. Ask a few friends and posted this question in my Facebook account. Here’s what I’ve come up. I will just put 5 of which.

  1. Talent in Troubleshooting. If your DBA has to knack to solve problems, then he or she can be a good candidate and will really help you throughout the process. These kinds of people have the talent in problem solving and may be glad to take some opportunities and may consider it as challenges that needed be solved.

  2. Awareness of detail. A good and outstanding DBA is very careful and know every nook and crevices of your database and the system. Having done so, he or she can address even minor problems and locate its origin.

  3. Good communication skills and approachable. These might be a plus in the process. Remember your DBA will be dealing not only with the server but with the organizations community as well. If ever you have or a fellow have a problem with the SQL, he or she should be ready to help and extend a helping hand.

  4. Assertive. Many problems in the database need s solution right away. Having an assertive DBA will clinch the whole business. This will show how he or she is confident enough but will address every undertaking in a clear, calm and detailed way.

  5. Knows business is business. Remember your database is the brainchild of your business. An outstanding DBA should know all about the business and how everything is reflected and should be reflected in the system. He or she also knows that every step taken by the database team will greatly affect the business.

So that doesn’t capsule everything that DBA should be but it can be a start for you. Remember, a character and attitude can tell much of a person. You might not see it in the hiring process but character consideration will benefit the company and even the business in the long run. But don’t forget first the SQL knowledge requirements. Then proceed to the traits. After that, you can be sure you have the best and an outstanding DBA whether it’s outsourced or not.

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Fred Murray is a tech blogger but is especially fond of writing about SQL server, database management and tips when planning on going for an outsourced SQL server administration.

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