Slotomania – One Level Closer to the Ultimate Fun

Playtika has taken the world of gaming by storm with its excellent slot game collection called Slotomania. You might have already discovered Slotomania on Facebook and seen the cool titles and really inviting graphics. To people who have enjoyed regular slots for some time, it might seem strange to play slots for free and not have big money winnings as the ultimate object of the game. The object of Slotomania can be described as ultimate fun, though, because the games and tournaments are all about enjoying a slot experience without worries of losing money.

The Games

Everyone can find their own Slotomania favorites and you will soon get into the world of Elvis or hold your thumbs as you watch a wheel of fortune slow down. These are real slot machines but you will be able to climb up the levels and advance each time that you play. Add to this the possibility of participating in tournaments and interacting with friends who also like to play slots for free on their iPhones, iPads or Android phones.

Get Started Today

To get started with Slotomania by Playtika you should have a look at Google Play or iTunes where you can download the free slots app. This is a very easy procedure which will let you play straight from your phone when you feel like it. Check out the promotions offered right now so that you can get more coins to play with. If you want to, you can buy coins with real money but it is also cool to simply play the games and let chance and good promotions propel you to the top levels.

Important to Think About

Since Slotomania is a very innovative way of playing slots, you need to let go of whatever perceptions you have had about this type of gaming. It is not the end of the world to suddenly fall to a lower level and have to climb back up again. This is just what makes Slotomania uniquely fun and interesting so be prepared to get into a new slot adventure unlike anything you have ever seen before.

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