How you can shop for the fastest gaming laptop

Owing to advancements in hardware technology and a steady fall in price, laptops have become popular with majority of computer users all over the world. They are no longer perceived as the luxurious gadget meant for wealthy lot. You can buy a reasonably configured ad well performing laptop from top PC brands without bleeding your wallet nowadays. However, when it comes to buying a powerful gaming notebook, thins can be little more difficult. They still cost more than mainstream laptops and you need to think of a number of factors before shopping for the fastest gaming laptop.

Things that a gaming laptop should have for optimum performance

When you shop for a laptop that will be used mainly for gaming and media handling do not skimp on the processing power department. An Intel core i5 or i7 CPU is suited for such gaming machines. However, if these are way beyond your reach consider AMD quad core CPUs. These are cheaper than Intel models and offer pretty good performance for PC gaming and media playback. The laptop should have 4 GB or more RAM for lag free gaming and multitasking. The graphic memory should be 1 GB if you are planning to use Windows 8. However, some high end laptops come with 1.5GB discrete graphics as well. You will also find a number of models that come with both onboard and discrete GPU. You can switch between them as per your usage needs. While gaming laptops are not much portable in nature, ensure that you buy model that runs for 2 hours or more on battery.

Think of storage and connectivity options

When you look for the fastest gaming laptop, it is also important to think of practical usage needs apart from sheer processing power. You will need ample storage space along with fast data transfer capabilities for sure. A 750 GB hard disk drive would be good but you can also look for a model with 1 TB hard disk drive. Consider the fact that you will need to storage thousands of mp3 files, HD movies which will only grow with time and PC games gobble up lots of space. To avoid long data transfer time, choose laptops that come with USB 3 port or eSATA port. For internet connectivity, ensure the model you choose have both wireless and gigabit Ethernet options. For quick file sharing with mobiles and other devices, Bluetooth should be there.

Use proper accessories to enhance your laptop gaming experience

Even if you have the money to bring home the fastest gaming laptop it is necessary to use the right accessories to enhance usage experience. You should use a decent cooing pad to keep the laptop cool even when you run resource hogging games or multi task. Similarly, if you want great music output while gaming or watching movies, invest in a sound bar. Some laptops have decent onboard speakers but a sound bar will satisfy audiophiles. You can also buy special cleaning kits to keep the laptop free from dust and dirt.

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