How to Make Safe and Efficient Your WordPress Blog


Did you know that WordPress is one of the most used platforms in the network? 48 of the 100 most popular blogs have found in WordPress the basis of its own success, and also through the same were made ​​on 19% of the total number of websites.

Having become one of the largest community and use the security issues there as there is a piece of very active users to experiment and make improvements.

That’s why ‘in this article will teach you how to make safe and efficient your blog.

In terms of stability, the platform does not disappoint: the problems, however, arise when installing themselves on new themes or plugins. This does not mean you have to stop install plugins or themes, but you’ll just be careful what you put in your site.

Below we list some safety measures to be taken:

1) Go to Plugins and Widgets Reliable

Secondly, it is equally important once you open your site, select widget WordPress with clean code: plugin or widget code with broken or malfunctioning can slow down your blog, if not cause a crash.

One sample is enough to endanger what you have created is as if crisis a house, leaving a door ajar through which thieves can easily enter. Similarly bots and hackers could breach the defenses and do whatever they want.

Never choose plugin or widget out of date and that they have never been tested with the new version of WordPress: Generally the most downloaded and popular are also the most secure.

2) Pay Attention To Free Themes

The free themes are those that can equally create some problems: luckily not all, but we’ll show you which ones to avoid. “Good” ones are the ones offered by sites with issues of quality for promotional reasons decide not Apply them a price.

What to avoid instead present with eye-catching design and attractive, and with the characteristic of present space at the bottom of each page for SEO.

The main problem resides in the fact that they have PHP encrypted codes that can not be removed as if they remove your theme ceases to function. Consequently, try to choose topics of quality, without encrypted code, and preferably for a fee, especially if your blog or website represents your business.


If you have a budget even more expensive you can not expect to hire a designer to have a theme safely and efficiently, as well as unique and that no one can use.

3) What other steps follow:

Clearly the combination of WordPress and safety does not end with the plugins and theme, but also with:

I.            Constant updating of plugins and widgets to neutralize any holes

II.            A constant back-up site or blog

III.            The elimination of the plugin that does not use


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