Building your Data Center – Equipment Checklist

Building your own data center is something you’d need to think about for a long time. Whether it’s for keeping your business’ information safe or you’d want to try your hand in the data center business, you have to keep an equipment checklist. This is for buying the necessary machines and computers that you are going to need in order to make your data center an efficient haven of information.

For this, you may want to take a look at getting a Data Center Infrastructure Management or DCIM. DCIM is a new form of managing your data and information that extends from the traditional system management ideas to include physical and asset-level parts. Simply put, you may want to instill information technology and facility management ideals to make sure that your data center is running smoothly. It’s very important to centralize the management, the monitoring and the check the information capacity planning of a data center’s equipment.

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You can’t build a data center without the right tools. However, if you’re thinking of buying a few desktop computers for your data center, then that is not it. A data center has more than just computers; remember that it’s a facility used for housing telecommunications and storage systems. For this, you will need a big enough space and a good source of such storage systems. Fortunately, you can check the Internet for the brand names of computers that are being used for most data centers. There is a guide on the type and value of data storing equipment that you can use; that guide is the Telecommunications Industry Association’s Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.


Here’s a simple list of the equipment being used inside a data center:

  • 19-inch rack – The standardized enclosure or frame that is used in data centers for multiple equipment modules. It’s a must-have, since you’ll have a lot of equipment inside your data center and space is an absolute must.
  • Mainframe computer – Like I said, computers inside a data center are not like the ones you normally see inside an internet station. Mainframe computers differ from the common desktop computers that you normally see. These are used by corporate and government organizations for keeping vital information and bulk data applications.
  • Centralized ventilation – Of course, with all the computers inside the facility, you’ll need a pretty powerful source of ventilation to keep those machines going.

That’s just for hardware, by the way. You also have to think about the software that you are going to use for the data center. Then there’s electrical power consumption. You have to make sure that your data center is using the right amount of electricity and that the electric bills do not drain your current budget. The way you design your data center has a big impact on the electricity costs.

These three are just some of the many different types of equipment needed to build an efficient data center. Don’t forget to grab a copy of the “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers”. It’s a valuable source of information for anyone who wants to make sure that they start the data center business prepared.

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