Austin Data Center Boom

Hosting Data CentersAustin is a booming high-tech hot spot.  More and more companies in the technology industry are moving or setting up secondary locations in the Austin metro area.  Because of this recent trend, data centers have started to pop up everywhere.  They have been a part of the business world since the early stages of computing technology. But there is something else unique about this new occurrence.  As systems required increasingly complex facilities to operate on a daily basis, and as technology changes so rapidly, so have data centers. Specifically Austin data centers.  These world-class facilities are evolving as the technology industry evolves.

Data Center Standards Evolved

As the microcomputer industry boomed so did the data centers, they had to evolve to keep up with the ever changing IT world. As the IT operations grew so has the technological standards of Data centers. The advent of the client-server computing in the 1990s caused the most significant change in how companies did business with their clients and connection to their information. At one time the microcomputers or servers were found in old computer rooms and the machines were not able to perform at peak performance due to a lack of a stable environment.

The cost of networking was high during this time as well, due to the lack of available connections. As the data center standards evolved so did the way it maintained connection to the world, there are now fiber optics, wireless, and satellite connections available for many businesses. By integrating these different types of connections they changed the overall hierarchical design of that the servers used to connect. It was during this time that the term “data center” became more popular.

The Big Boom Of Data Centers

The largest growth of data centers came when the dot-com bubble happened. Data Center operators found themselves scrambling to provide nonstop operation capability and faster Internet connections. For smaller companies this meant the difference between making a success and just staying in the game. At one time it was only the larger corporations that were able to take advantage of data centers however due to technological advances small companies can now expand and grow like their larger counterparts.

Newer technologies and practices were developed to handle the different scale of operations required between both large companies and smaller businesses. As these practices were migrated the private data centers were opened to the public and became a practical and viable source to businesses.

Austin Data Centers Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been taking the business IT world by storm for both governmental facilities and local companies. The ability to have employees work from any location while maintaining a secured connection to information has proved priceless. Companies no longer have to worry about environmental changes with Austin Data Center Services since each facility is set and maintains a higher adherence to industry standards. Standard Documents from accredited professional groups, such as the Telecommunications Industry Association, specify the requirements for data center design.

Advancing in the Information Technology

Austin colocation centers and most companies know that IT is the core of doing business in today’s world. Increased measures in data security and connectivity are vital and have become the main concern for many businesses across the board. Your primary IT infrastructure, systems and back-up services are housed in the most suitable, secure and reliable Austin data center available.

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