A Detailed Look at ITIL and What it Means for You

A lot of people get confused about the meaning of ITIL, but the meaning of the acronym, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is actually a pretty good indicator of what is it all about. In the simplest terms it is made of up a series of publications and books that aim to help you align IT with your business requirements.



ITIL has undergone numerous changes and the latest edition came out in 2011. The library is published in five publications. The publications provide information, checklists, tasks and processes that can be used by your company to integrate your strategy and development with IT. At the same time it provides a way for your company to maintain a high level of competence and value.

With ITIL you can easily establish a plan that can be organized, arranged, measured and implemented. The information in the publications also allows you to determine if your services are improving and if your parameters are being met.

The Publications

The current edition of ITIL has the following volumes: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Strategy, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement. One of the most important here is Service Strategy (SS) as it is considered the focal point of the entire publication.

SS covers several functions and topics, but it is basically about providing guidelines so you won’t get confused about service / provider issues. To be more specific, it gives you information on prioritizing. In a more general way, the service concentrates on assisting your organization create or improve the strategies they use

for the long term.

A close reading of the publication will show that it relies heavily on the market driven strategy. Some of the topics that are covered here are service provider types, market analysis, service assets, business case development and many others. Some of the other processes covered here are management of demands, finance, service and service portfolio.

IT Services Financial Management

This sector covers all topics concerning cost efficiency, and will ensure that your company’s information technology infrastructure is the most cost effective. Note that it will recommend the most cost efficient and not necessarily the cheapest. The most important aspect of this is it gives you a breakdown of the cost so you know how much it will set you back.

Service Design

The Service Design (SD) volume is dedicated to explaining to you the basics of good IT practice, vital issues concerning service management and processes. The focus here is not just on the service delivery technology but also the design technology too. SD also focuses on a variety of related topics like coping with large technical and business environments and the type of management service that is needed to run them. This volume will also explain to you what type of architecture is required for this type of work.

What makes ITIL so effective is that all the information you need to know is contained in a single library. This makes it more convenient to study compared to buying them separately. This also makes them cheaper and more cost effective.

Now that the meaning of ITIL has been cleared up, it should be easy to see why a lot of companies rely on it. Simply put it makes a huge difference in the way you will be able to run your business.

By James – As a company starts to grow, it becomes necessary for them to embrace the web as well as the many facets of information technology. One of the most effective guides is ITIL as it covers a variety of IT topics. Understand the meaning of ITIL and why many companies rely on it.

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