10 Simple Tips for Email Marketing

Although email marketing involves a difficult process, you can still have a simple but effective email marketing campaign. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed in your email marketing campaign.


1: Ensure that your email has recognisable links: Email is designed to lead traffic to your landing page or website. Not having clicks to direct traffic to your website will result in an inability to convert readers into customers. This can be achieved only if users feel obliged to click. Have several links, a minimum of one per page. Ensure that all links are evident to the users. Use a strong call to action and include “click here” messages.

2: Minimise use of images: Use images cautiously as these can work against you. Avoid using images to send important messages; use html instead.


3: Make it easy to unsubscribe: Ensure that links for unsubscribing are simple yet easy to find, links that will not require several actions for users to complete the process of unsubscribing.


4: Follow tips for spamming each time an email is sent! It’s important that the steps relating to spam are followed each time an email is sent. Messages flagged as spam will be counterproductive, so make sure this does not happen.


5: Maximise your email template dimensions: Email design is important, so create, in a 600x 200 pixel space, what your email will look like without loaded images. The way it appears in that dimension is exactly how users will view the concluding email.


6: Make short and easy-to-scan texts: While content might be the driving force behind the Internet, it does not enhance the performance of an email. Write to the point, use keywords, and ensure that the most significant messages are bold or highlighted.


7: Maintain a clean email list: Although this may actually create more work, ensure though that you trim your list and remove bad emails. Failure to do this will result in you making it to the spam folder.


8: Use text size, title, and linking with images properly: Your images must be coded correctly. This means that the height and width of images must be correctly defined, that these images contain title text, and that they and are linked to a landing page.


9: Send test emails prior to sending to the main list: Use seed addresses to send to and check the formatting before sending to the main list. Remember that this cannot be corrected if you have already sent the message to the main list.


10: Ensure a back-up text version: This is very simple. Just ensure that your html is attached to a text email that allows you to go back to it in case you need to.

With every chance you get you have to inform users that they will be kept up to date on all valuable information they want to get from you by adding your email address to they contact list.

While these 10 email marketing tips may not turn you into the ideal email marketer, they will nonetheless help you to put your email marketing campaign together. Whatever your email strategy may be, the initial step is to select a reliable bulk email sender to boost your email campaign.


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