Why Have Friend To Friend File Sharing Networks Not Taken Off?

Many people are curious as to why friend to friend file sharing has not taken off and went anywhere. The answer is pretty simple. It was all about the convenience. The following will be more in depth about why it wasn’t working in the past and what can change that. Many people don’t know about the spectacular program that is available to them. Once you read this you will definitely not want to go back to your old ways of trying to send files between you and your friends on your own. Avoid that hassle starting now.

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Hassle Free Alternative

Many people have tried sharing files with each other. Especially friends or family. However, if one of your friend or family’s speed is not the same, this can typically slow down the process. This can essentially be quite a hassle. Many will get frustrated and think that it’s not even worth it. There are apps for smartphones when it comes to friend’s sharing certain files. However, those don’t really take off and become the next big thing because sometimes the files are too big. For those who want to share files, they are going to need to go with a program that is fast, easy, hassle free, and most important, effective!


Sharefile is a website that will allow you to actually send files to you friends and your family. The good news about this program, you can actually send large files! Many people would get so frustrated because they would be about half way or almost done sending a file and it would cancel and say that it’s too big to send. This is so disappointing for many people. However, that disappoint can end as soon as you sign up for Sharefile. Not only are they effective, they are inexpensive. They allow you to try their program for free. They want you to know that their program is highly worth it. Once you try their system, you won’t want to find anything else. You would already know nothing would ever compare to their effectiveness.

Great Features

Not only can you send your files to your family and friends with Sharefile, you can actually browse your files wherever you are. You don’t have to be on your computer. You can access these files from your smartphone as well! How convenient is that? There is also no need to have no more storage on your computer because you will be able to store these on Sharefile without any worries of them going anywhere.


Another amazing feature with Sharefile is not only will you not have to worry about your files going anywhere. When you send files to your family or your friends, you won’t have to worry about anyone else seeing them. This is because they set up the website in such a secure way that your file will be sent securely. Nobody will ever see this except you and the other person whom you want to see it. These advantages of Sharefile can’t get much better than this.

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