Top 5 Car Apps for Windows Smartphones

Owing a Windows phone and looking for some car apps? If yes then here I am with permanent solution for you. In the due course of this article, I am going to jot down some of the best Car Apps for all Windows phones. The apps which I am going to discuss below belong to variety niches which can prove best to all types of car users. So let’s start.


Top 5 Car Apps for Windows Smartphones


Are you planning to buy a used car? If yes then this is the perfect car app for you. This app features some of the best second hand cars with all their details. It is a free app which tells everything about car including its features, model number, present situation etc. In one shot if you are looking for second hand cars or do some business under this niche then it is a must have app in your Windows smartphone.

2. iWrecked

It is an amazing app which comes with updated level of security. I wish you not to meet with any road accidents but no one can be sure with this part especially during night. This is the app which comes to play at that time. It quickly collects data through GPS, capture images of accident location (through inbuilt camera), combines all that in a pdf file and sends to targeted destination. It is like a wonder among all the Windows car apps. So please use it and save your life (at least to some level).

3. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is a budget friendly app which helps you to save your hardly earned money. It gives you the details about nearest gas station from where you can fill your gas cylinders with best possible minimum price. Above all it is a free app which can be found on Windows App store.

4. RepairPal

RepairPal is an award winning car repairing app which intimate car users about next due date of repairing. Thus it saves your car from getting serious damages and internal threats. So if you are conscious about your car’s condition then it is a must have app for you. This app helps you to keep your car in best self-maintained look and shape.

5. is a perfect app for all car dealers and new car buyers. This app comes with amazing database with huge list of trusted and famous car sellers. It even differentiate all the sellers according to their past record and capability. It shows live map of seller’s showroom/shop thus saves your time to maximum.

So here I have discussed some of the best car apps for Windows smartphone users. I have tried my best to cover best possible apps from different-different measures but still in case if you have some more names in your mind then please share with all of us with your comments.

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