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SupportCompanies have invested in millions and billions of dollars in the business. One big thing that acquires or is accounted for the major part of this business is the investment in the information technology and telecommunications. The unique thing about information technology investment is that it required continuous updating. This is mainly because of the nature of the equipment that is counted under this category. Computers, soft wares, printers, other external and internal devices are being under revolutionary trend. The stuff under these that are considered most advanced in the world of today would be outdated or obsolete in the near future or the next couple of years. In case a large investment is required in order to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource System) the organization needs to have large cash reserves. This reserve of cash would first be utilized in the implementation phase. This phase requires purchase of the software by buying the rights and then later its usage. The maintenance fee and other related amount of fee that is required to be charged need cash flows and that too in adequate amount. The daily operational charges for its usage are paid usually in the form of annual payment. The IDs issued to the users have some costs. This cost is calculated by multiplying the number of IDs with the amount of fee that is related to a single ID.

The maintenance of the hardware and software require some physical and internal controls to be placed. The physical controls usually are those that restrict the unwanted entry to the physical hardware. The controls required in this case are those that restricted entry of an unauthorized person. For protecting software, some forms of antivirus support system are required.

There are viruses or/and malware that damage and effects the free operation of the system. In order to protect the hardware from any such unauthorized access, there are firstly locked doors which only allow the authorized person or persons to enter. Such persons are needed to show some sort of identification to the access controls that matches the input data with the date stored in the data base.

If there is an exact match then the entry is allowed otherwise the entry is restricted. One such feature that is implemented by organization in this regard in companies all over the world is the system of bio metrics. This system requires some human identification to be inputted. This system is also implemented by companies for normal usage like marking attendance in an automated manner of its employees. The attendance is usually marked in a manual way by entering the signature and the time of coming and going from the premises of the office. In case where this electronic or automated system is implemented the employees to punch or put their hands at machine which recognize the input and then match it with the data stored in the data base. Antivirus support providers are companies which also offer trial run that is usually for a month. Microsoft windows live and Tech support can be procured from an expert IT company which also provides antivirus support.

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