System level security data type in an Accounting software


Cloud accounting Australia is the only Accounting system that has a data type-level security system.

There are two types of security that can be handled in systems

We look at the matter:

Security type:

It is safety-level actions and is very common in accounting systems

This is to limit user access to certain options such as the inventory products, catalog of third-party reports of accounting etc., for example can limit access to products from the inventory and accounting reports to the user and allow access only to the catalog of third parties.


The second is rare in such systems but is very useful for safeguarding sensitive information of the company and is the safety system at the level of data type that we have been talking about.

This security allows you to restrict or allow a user to work with certain sets of registration from the same catalog:

Let’s look at a practical example, in the catalog of third-party have multiple records of people with which relates the company therefore much sensitive information, for example this information of all customers, suppliers, employees and partners, it is convenient that when give you permissions on the catalog third-party an employee not have access to the information if not certain sets. We can limit user access to customers, employees and partners and allow only access to supplier information.

Cloud accounting Australia is the only Accounting software at his level that includes the two security systems.

With traditional security systems if we give access to an auxiliary of sales to customer’s information will have given him access to the information from the catalog of third parties such as suppliers, employees and partners, with which this could take information from areas not corresponding and affect the company.

With data type-level security can give access to the auxiliary of sales only to the segment of clients of the catalog of third-party and limiting access to the information of the suppliers, employees, and partners with which we are protecting the valuable information about our company

With this type of data-level security scheme we can give access only staff of each of the different areas of the company to the segment of information they require.

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