Organising your Technology Department

Deciding on the best ways to organise one’s company and specific departments is an important office discussion. The processes in place, the way clients are dealt with and delegating tasks are organisational elements that need to be frequently discussed. These things will ensure that the business runs smoothly, clients are happy and that morale is kept high among the staff.


What happens when one particular area starts to struggle? A knee-jerk reaction is to look for wholesale changes. Replacing the team management and members of staff not pulling their weight or producing the goods with those who want to do the work, and want to achieve is a definite consideration.


As we all know too well, these types of reactions often turn out to be the worst kind. So, before you fire an entire team, take a step back and evaluate what is going wrong and why. The problems in the majority of cases, particularly in a technology-based industry, are the management team in place or the systems being used.


We’re in a world where funds are limited and products are costing more and more, especially when they are marketed as “the next big thing.” The big brands like Apple, Microsoft, HP and Dell do create some amazing products for the technology industry, but they all come with staggering price tags. This means it’s not as simple as “let’s go and buy that”.


So how do you do this? Here are a few hints and tips to help you on your way to organising your technology department for the better and improving the functionality of your team.


Appoint project managers

While you might have a department head overseeing a group of campaigns, such as online marketing, social media, PPC and alike, it’s impossible for them to supervise all of them efficiently. Individual project managers can help maintain good relationships with your clients, your staff and internal and external freelancers. There are a lot of experienced and up-and-coming people on the lookout for project management jobs who are capable of providing new and innovative ideas to take your company forward.


Investigate storage methods

Any company working on computers knows that they have acquired hundreds, if not thousands, of documents and files. They are saved all over the place and often you are getting asked to share certain files with colleagues, management and clients. You can spend ten minutes searching around your computer for the specific file when storing everything in one centralised document that is easily accessible could be much more efficient. Storage systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox have proved to be particularly popular forms of cloud storage, with Apple’s iCloud on the way up the list.


Bring in new methods gradually

Whatever the new approach you take to your department, make sure you introduce things gradually. If you bring in all new software or change from PCs to Macs for instance, you’re going to need to give your staff the chance to adapt to the changes. If you make wholesale changes to your department, in terms of hardware, software or personnel – you’re going to have some people who struggle. They may not be able to get their heads around the various functions of each new process or way they’re expected to work, and this could prove to be even more detrimental than before the changes were made.


Despite this, as technology develops, the team and their equipment need to follow suit. Otherwise, the company is going to get left behind, struggling to keep their heads above water.

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