Microsoft Surface tablet review

People always put considerations of getting things from any company, but the thing is that always when you need to acquire gadgets like computers tablets; it is good if you choose a specific company to deal with. Most people do recommend that it is safe to acquire tablets, or laptops from big companies like Apple, because they always look good and amazing.

We have huge companies that give competition in the same field especially the Microsoft Company. It is awesome that Microsoft has launched the first tablet computer, surface tablet. It is advantageous as the windows operating system usually runs most of the computers worldwide especially for corporate environments.

Microsoft Company made its first attempt to build the surface tablet similar to as general computer. Due to competition from other company Microsoft made its way to try out a the surface tablet and make its own device rather than in the past it used to make software’s then and then handed over other companies to build the machine or hardware part of it. Many of the elements are designed for the purpose of “play” which makes it surprisingly good. I would recommend it as there is no element that is frustrating. Let’s have the details of the surface tablets:

The interface

The surface is spectacular with a split sense of personality, which it is steeped in its physical design. It is considered as a tablet but it transform into a computer. When into computer form the keyboard is seen stable when it is snapped on the tablet using a magnetic spine. Additionally, the keyboard can be flipped slowly and covered upside down so that it can be used as a kickstand, which makes a triangle shape for viewing the is really comfy companion to use it watching anything on couch.


The Microsoft Company gives a lot of services from the internet explorer by installing and some other enabled apps being purchased. The surface tablet offers and gives out the free copies on office programs like, excel or word which is definitely a large bonus.

Microsoft Surface has some apps that are not integrated with the Office page, but all the same there is no hassle in getting the other apps or applications, a good example is the Windows Mail.


On the play you get to be swiping around as a form of navigations .during swiping the several buttons will pop up for you to click and get along with the tablet functioning.

About the Surface

It is expensive but very affordable to potential customer especially the 32 bit has a touch cover when it is bought it the tablet but has a different price when the cover is purchased separately.


With time it will get better as apps are being developed and other software bugs are being developed or discovered. We know Microsoft has now got the exact hardware the world need i.e. the creation of the tablet as a flexible portable small and lightweight computer that has a number of many apps and a very decent working environment.

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