Keeping Your Camera Safe: 5 Tips for Protecting Your Photo Equipment


When it comes to being a photographer, keeping your gear safe is just one of the many responsibilities that comes with owning and using photography equipment. You never know when bad luck can strike, so it’s always important to proactively protect your equipment from harm. These are five easy ways you can keep your camera and equipment safe.

1. Keep Your Fingers Away From the Lens

The lens is essentially where the magic happens when it comes to taking photos, and the oils and dirt on your fingers are enough to disrupt or even permanently damage this process. In the event that you unavoidably touch the lens, immediately use a micro fiber cloth to rub the smudge away.

2. Be Careful with Cleaning Liquids

Cleaning liquids are fine in some cases for cleaning photography equipment, but some liquids can seriously damage your gear. In most cases, a rub of a micro fiber cloth is enough to remove the mark or smudge. However, if more cleaning is needed, pour a few drops of the chosen (and approved) cleaning liquid onto a soft cloth and begin cleaning. Water can, in some cases, also substitute for a cleaning liquid, but be careful where you apply the water, as it can damage parts of a camera.

3. Stay Away from Extreme Temperatures

Just because your camera is an inanimate object doesn’t mean that it can be used or left out in extreme weather or temperatures. Extreme heat is enough to melt plastic on the camera, while extremely cold air can damage the LCD screen. Because of this, you shouldn’t leave the camera in your vehicle or anywhere else outside. If you have to photograph in extremely cold or hot weather, be mindful of the time you spend outdoors.

4. Protect It Like the Pros

One great way to keep your camera and other equipment safe is to store it all in custom, hardshell cases, like Allcases. Be sure to find storage gear that protects from weather, temperature, and dropping your camera. Too many expensive cameras have suffered because of cheap cases. Spend enough money to protect your camera permanently.

5. Use Straps and Loops

Straps and loops are often thrown aside whenever new photographers open their first camera, but in actuality, these can save you thousands of dollars in the event of an accident. Attach all included straps and loops to your equipment to minimize the risk of your camera falling and breaking. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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