Content Marketing: Thinking in Stories


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What comes to mind when you think of content marketing? Is it standard print ads and video commercials or is it something more interactive and consumer-friendly? Marketing today depends on creating a public image that consumers can identify with— that translates to company blogs, social media and creative graphics. Content marketing consists more than a call of action— it gives useful facts and information that people actually want to see.


What type of content is your business producing? When it comes to digital marketing, content is king. The better the content, the more online exposure you’ll receive. Here are some interesting AND true facts:


  • Content marketing is the most successful SEO technique.
  • Companies with an active business blog will gain approximately 97% more leads. 
  • The majority of consumers prefer to learn about a company’s products and services through their content— not their advertisements. 
  • If you are trying to expand your social media reach, content is the number three reason people follow brands on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, etc. 
  • Unique content is a great way to build your brand, gain additional customers, keep existing clients and acquire leads.


The type of content you produce will directly impact your marketing strategy.

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