Are Video Games Actually Good for Your Kids?

Are Video Games Actually Good for Your KidsMany parents are much harsher critics of video games than they should be. Video games are often blamed for many ills in society, but their helpful effects are often ignored. Though kids do need exercise and should play video games in moderation, there are a number of benefits that video game players can reap by picking up a controller. Here are five reasons you should let your kids play video games.


Video Games Teach Logic and Problem-Solving Skills


There are many games that are specifically created to educate children, but nearly every video game has some educational benefits. Even action-filled shooting games require kids to use problem-solving skills to work their way through the levels. The active participation of the mind in a video game is much more beneficial than the passive experience the mind receives during an activity like watching television.


Video Games Teach Children How to Achieve Success


The positive reinforcement that kids receive while playing video games quickly teaches them the rewards that setting and achieving goals will provide them. This kind of training quickly introduces a positive work effort into impressionable young minds. Kids will carry this kind of positive attitude over to other tasks, naturally setting goals to succeed in other areas of their lives.


Learning Teamwork


One of the greatest benefits of the rise of Internet gaming is the cooperative efforts that are required to succeed in online games. Players who try to succeed on their own will have a much tougher time of it. This leads players to naturally develop sharing and cooperation skills that will help them to succeed in the academic and work settings that will make up most of their lives. Parents who want to learn about online cooperative games can find more at IGN.


Bring the Family Together


In these days of families rarely sharing activities together, video games are a great way for family members of all ages to bond together in a fun environment. Many parents find that playing games with their kids is a great way to spend time with them in a non-threatening manner that promotes a great feeling of togetherness.


Learning to Think Quickly


Video games often put players into pressure-filled situations that force them to think quickly in order to succeed. This trains them to make quick decisions under pressure while keeping calm. This is a skill that will help them in all kinds of situations in their real lives.

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