7 Awesome Household Appliance Designs

Each and every house has a lot of appliances. People use them on the daily basis.  Modern washing machines, blenders, TVs and many other devices used to be revolutionary in the past. What does the design of the future look like? Household appliances of the future will be lighter, smaller, and eco-friendlier. Functionality combined with the best design solutions would suit the needs of small apartments. The space crunch of the urban houses prevents people from getting the proper-sized dishwashers and washing machines. Designs of the future would combat this issue through energy saving technologies and eco-friendly solutions.

So here is our list of top 7 home appliances that will conquer the world

7. Bio Fish Washer

Do you like aquariums and exotic fish? This practical robotic fish washer would turn the food leftovers from your dirty plates and forks into bio fuel. No need to waste water on doing the dishes, this device will clean up your dishes in no time. The fish will then recharge itself by processing the food leftovers. You won’t need to change the water as these small robots would clean the water as well.


6. The Micro Induction Heating System

This little Snail device heats up food through magnetic induction. Its sugar crystal battery provides enough power to hear up food in a large pan. You need to attach the device to a cookware and switch it on. The Snail would identify the kind of food and the intensity of the heating.


5. Stylish kitchen set

This space saving kitchen set consists of a toaster, kettle and two induction hobs. You can prepare you breakfast faster than ever.


4. Flexible Cooking Unit Qumi

This smart cooking device can be used for frying steaming, or heating. It has no touch screen, buttons, or control panels. How does it operate then? You need to use your mobile phone as a remote control to set a cooking program. You don’t have to monitor the cooking process all the time as the food will be cooked when you tell it to be ready.


3. Wristband cooker

This EMS cooker needs to absorb kinetic energy from your wrist. Then, you need to attach it to a cup of coffee or a soup mug to keep it warm. It would not generate enough energy for cooking, but would keep your mug warm for a long time.


2. Smart Shopping Bag

This shopping bag does not only readjust its size when empty or full, but also transforms solar energy into a cooling device inside the bag. If you go on a trip and want to keep your beverages cold all you need to do is to put this bag on a sunny spot in your car.


1.     Mobile Heat Plate

This device is extremely useful for people who enjoy road trips and hiking in the woods. Use your smart phone as a remote control to this portable cooking hot plate. The wooden handle makes it easy to carry around and stir your food. You can also hang this cooker on the wall to recharge its batteries.




This was a contribution by our guest author, Linda Michelle, representing Repair and Protect.


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