6 tips to speed up your web cam

Now-a-days most laptops are equipped with in-built webcam, and along desktop computers. If your computer does not have in-built webcam, no issues you can buy an external. When people think of a web camera, the first thought is a video chat, where in users can interact each other with the help of web cams but in reality, the webcam can also be used as a surveillance camera for work and for fun. If you feel that your webcam is really slow so it is better if you have some knowledge of how to speed up your webcam so that you can chat or use it for other purpose with good speed.

Some useful tips for speeding up your webcam are listed below:

  • Check all connections, if you use an external webcam. Make sure that the «USB»-cable is firmly inserted into the slot machine. Examine the cable for damage. If you think it’s all about the cable, try replacing it with another «USB-cable, or plug the cable into a different port on your computer.
  • Update your drivers. Drivers allow external devices to communicate with your computer. Slow operation of the webcam can be the result of outdated drivers. So better find the model of your webcam or your computer (if you have a in-built camera) and go to the official website developers, where in you can find the right driver and download accordingly, After downloading the drivers you need to install them and check the operation of your camera.
  • Remove and re-install the camera and drivers for it. If you are still facing trouble with the speed of the webcam, go to “Device Manager” and remove from the webcam. This will also remove the drivers and your camera.
  • Close all unnecessary programs. When the program is opened, it uses part of your computer CPU and memory even if you do not use this program. To free up more resources for your web camera, you need to close all the programs which you doesn’t require for that particular moment. When you minimize the usage of unwanted programs then the program resources will be released.
  • Check the refresh rate of your webcam. Most modern cameras are capable of delivering 60 frames per second, but at the time of data transmission on the Internet this number can be significantly reduced. Make sure that you set the maximum possible refresh rate to minimize latency picture.
  • Switch to high speed Internet. Any user using video chat on the Internet with high-speed connection to the normal display of his companion. «Dial-Up»-connection can’t ensure proper screen refresh rate, so people who use this type of connection are faced with problems such as fading pictures. Make sure you and your partner use a high-speed connection for maximum comfort video chat.

As we all know how internet became an important part of everyone’s life we should take care of small things which could make a big difference in the performance of our daily usage tools like Webcam.

Author Bio: Hi,I am Krishna, I am a freelance writer & full-time blogger,  I write about many topics including Technology, Finance and Travel etc. This article here discusses about some simple yet useful tips for speeding up your webcam.

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