4 Custom Web Design Myths To Avoid While Designing A Website

In order to make the website gain high ladders of success, good design matters a lot. However, in the process designers get in touch with some common myths which are associated with web design.

Following are the web design myths which you have to do away with:-

Overall presentation of the website matters a lot

You need to understand the simplest of facts that using too many colors will not serve the purpose. Visitors might face inconvenience in their eyes in the process as well. Hence, it can equally confuse them to the core, thereby, they end up abandoning the site altogether.

Therefore, specific color scheme should be prepared for the site which should have at least 2-3 colors. Along with the same, every one can easily read the text and this can be done by keeping the text in a dark color against a light back ground or vice-versa.

Usage of various images

It is purely a myth that you cannot possibly have enough visuals on your esteemed site. It does not hold any truth. In fact, if it has too many visual elements then it will only result towards adding to your woes. Hence, it is necessary for you to maintain a proper and systematic text to image ratio on your site. Or else, it will take a lot of time to load. Thereby, it will in turn, irritate the visitors.

In order to enhance the website, flash is required

You are wrong if you believe that Flash work wonders towards enhancing the given website. Flash is able to provide moving images, impressive intro pages, graphics along with various dynamic and sophisticated features. You do not really need flash towards enhancing the site. After all, you are able to get nice and pleasant effect on your site with HTML as well as it stands out to be quite beneficial than Flash.

The content is not that important

This is purely a myth and nothing more. Your visitors will have no reason to visit your website apart from the information they want to search. You cannot really make the difference if you simply place loads of images with some text. You have to equally make your efforts towards putting relevant content on the site. In this way, when users are searching for content, they can be redirected to your esteemed site as well.

Hence, it is imperative for you to start with highly sophisticated and relevant content and ensure that it gets updated on timely basis as well. Therefore, it will signal that your website will look fresh to the visitors each and every single time they check in. Hence, the appeal of your site is enhanced even more as well.

Finally, if you are in the process of designing a website, next time then you need to be careful about the design myths. Hence, only stick to those facts which will work wonders towards helping you design a successful website, like the way you have always wanted. Isn’t it?

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