3 Most Awesome Kiosks

A kiosk is an electronic shopping center that is usually very small, and sometimes shaped like a hut. In many ways they look like an Auto Teller Machine (ATM.) These kiosks are a great and convenient way to purchase items, and in recent years they have become much more popular than they have ever been before. These days, you can buy or rent movies (DVD and Blu Ray,) videogames (Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Gameboy DS, X Box 360, etc.,) but food (sandwiches, chewing gum, potato chips, candy, etc.) and a host of other items. More or less, if you can name it, there is probably a kiosk in some airport, hotel or shopping mall that sells it. Usually, the prices are slightly higher- because of the convenience factor- and the quality is not always the best, but some other times you may be presently surprised by what a kiosk can offer.


The History and Allure of the Kiosk

The allure of a kiosk in today’s consumer, always on the move, culture is understandable. The kiosk goes back to ancient times, when there was a small covered area that contained a garden inside of it. That was the origin of the modern day kiosk. They were very popular in the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East. In the Western world, kiosks popped up as a simple way for businesses to operate. Some of the first kiosks in the Western world were information kiosks that were operated by newspapers salesman and people handing out pamphlets on various political subjects. Electronic kiosks, which came much later, opened up a whole new world of possibilities as far as what could be sold, and that has revolutionized the business. Now, many companies are working on entirely new ways to utilize the capabilities of the kiosk. The future indeed looks quite bright for the electronic kiosk.

Awesome Kiosk #1. Bikes

Bike kiosks have popped up in many dense urban neighborhoods across the world. The ability to conveniently travel via bicycle, without having to worry about locking it up or carrying it around everywhere you go, makes it a very attractive purchase for visitors and residents alike, The kiosks work by charging a credit card per hour for the bike rental until it is put back into another kiosk in the area.

Awesome Kiosk #2. Another Opinion

Some clothing stores now have kiosks in which you can take pictures of yourself and ask for advice when it comes to purchasing and wearing clothes. These kiosks essentially work as very technologically advanced mirrors, with a lot of perks.

Awesome Kiosk #3. Soda, Please!

There are now kiosks that work as soda fountains, in which you can get re-fills at random kiosks throughout places like amusement parks and movie theaters.

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