3 Best Web Design Tools

Creating and designing web sites can be a difficult task – there is a lot of things to bear in mind and pay attention to, which is why it is essential that your software does not provide you with additional distraction. In this article we will present you with three web design tools which you will no doubt find useful when creating anything from simple personal presentations to big corporate web sites. If you are a beginner in web design, some of the features in these tools might seem daunting, but don’t worry – they are designed to be really easy to use once you get to know them better.


Dreamweaver is an application from the software giant Adobe which helps you dive into web development on a highly professional level. It is a very feature rich and highly customizable tool which offers standard features such as an FTP client, Live View (a preview of your code in a browser environment), syntax highlighting and code hinting (its code hinting feature is top notch – once you start using it you will be lost without it), as well as more advanced features like tools which help you with managing your project and make team collaboration a process that you will enjoy. The application is available on both Windows and Mac systems. The only downside is that Dreamweaver is a commercial application, which means that you will have to pay a considerable amount of money for a copy.


Another commercial application from Adobe available for both Windows and Mac, Fireworks is the best that vector graphic software world can offer. It is a tool which was constructed specifically for web designers, which is why it brings a great number of highly useful tools which will significantly simplify your web design projects. One of these tools is “slices”, a feature which lets you create design prototypes and mockups of your project quickly and effortlessly. Some other interesting features are the ability to export your project into a PDF file while still retaining the ability to click on components as well as a set of tools for optimization which will make sure your site is beautiful and light at the same time.

Panic Coda

This extremely handy and useful Mac OS X application which is great for people who don’t like working with too many applications at the same time. It unifies a number of essential tools in one place and makes extra space both on your computer and in your mind. It features an FTP client which is adequate for all your file management needs, a version control system which will satisfy even the most picky among us, as well as a feature packed HTML and CSS editor, which utilizes tabbed interface in the best possible way. It is one of the programs for which it is difficult to find a downside, but if we had to say one, it would be the lack of a windows version which would bring all the goodness of Panic Coda to much more users.

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