2013 Home Entertainment Predictions

As the cross over to digital TV is almost complete nationwide and fibre optic cabling brings faster and more efficient broadband options to more areas, it seems the UK home entertainment industry is set to grow. The advancement in technology undoubtedly will also lend itself to enhancements in how entertainment is viewed and consumed, with traditional retailers now branching out into the entertainment industry. As an example of the perception of how important home entertainment is becoming, Ikea are bringing out a new entertainment system, complete with TV and hardware.

 On Demand

Many UK residents already take advantage of the ability to combine their broadband with TV for complete control over viewing programmes. This is a great facility that allows you watch our favourite TV programs at your leisure, especially as you may be busy when your essential viewing programs are schedules. With an up to date box users can record channels while watching others and begin viewing while still recording. The ability is there to record full series, and recently Sky has introduced a 7 day catch up service so no one needs to miss their favourite programmes. As increasing channels and opportunities open up some viewers want even more recording room and Sky have a 2TB box available.

HD and 3D TV

The number of channels available in high definition (HD) has been steadily increasing. While some HD channels are available for free, some providers currently offer up to 64 channels in HD. It is possible that 2013 will bring an increasing number of both free and paid HD channels as users begin to appreciate the exceptional clarity that HD offers. This is in addition to the fact that there is a demand for HDTV, as consumers begin to expect better quality from their TV viewing experience.

While many TV’s have been produced as ‘3D ready’, even more TV’s are now fully 3D active. With so many movies now being produced in 3D, being able to view in 3D is being perceived as a necessity rather than an optional extra for dedicated viewers. Already a number of pubs around the UK are showing exciting action sports in 3D and the response has been enthusiastic. 2013 could see an increase in the public places that this service is available as well as more people including 3D as an option for home viewing.

Fibre Optic Broadband

With increasing use being made of the internet and ‘on demand’ TV viewing, more people are also taking advantage of the faster speeds available through fibre optic broadband. Plans are in place to expand coverage to more areas across the UK throughout 2013 and beyond.

4G and the Cloud

2013 is set to see the change over from 3G to 4G. This will help to free up air space enabling faster speeds and better digital TV viewing. Mobile viewing is liable to become even more popular.

Whatever changes do occur in 2013 customers who are with a service such as Sky can be sure of being able to upgrade easily and take advantage of the latest exciting innovations and make great use of digital TV service.

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